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The modern IT environment has become increasingly complex, with businesses relying on a wide range of technologies to support their operations. This complexity has made it more difficult to monitor and manage network infrastructure effectively, leading to issues such as security vulnerabilities, application performance problems, and compliance challenges.

This is where network solutions such as Gigamon can help your business simplify your IT infrastructure. Gigamon’s solution helps to address the challenges above by providing a comprehensive and scalable approach to monitor network infrastructure. With advanced monitoring features such as Traffic Intelligence, Packet Optimization, Scalability, Flexibility, and Security, businesses can gain complete visibility into their network and ensure seamless performance.

With Gigamon, businesses can streamline operations, optimize network performance, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This means that businesses can focus on their core operations, while leaving the management of their network infrastructure to Gigamon’s network visibility solution.

Traffic Intelligence

Gigamon Improving Traffic

Traffic Intelligence is a key feature of Gigamon’s network visibility solution that provides granular visibility into all network traffic, regardless of the network environment. This includes physical, virtual, and cloud environments. With real-time insights into network activity, you can identify security threats, optimize application performance, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Traffic Intelligence provides the ability to classify and filter traffic by application, user, and device, providing a complete understanding of how your network is being used.

Packet Optimization

Gigamon packet optimization

This technology reduces network congestion by filtering out irrelevant traffic and delivering only the packets that matter. This enables you to reduce costs, improve network efficiency, and avoid packet loss. Packet Optimization provides the ability to aggregate, filter, and distribute traffic to the right tools at the right time, ensuring that you have the visibility you need to manage your network effectively.


Business Scalability

Gigamon is designed to scale with your network infrastructure, ensuring seamless performance as your network grows. This scalability is achieved through a modular and flexible architecture that can support multiple data rates, port speeds, and network topologies. This means that as your network expands, Gigamon’s network visibility solution can grow with it, ensuring that you have the visibility you need to manage your network effectively.


Business Flexibility

Gigamon is compatible with a wide range of network devices, protocols, and technologies, including SD-WAN, SaaS, and IoT. This compatibility ensures that you can deploy Gigamon’s network visibility solution in any environment, regardless of the underlying technology. This flexibility provides the ability to deploy Gigamon’s network visibility solution in any location, whether it’s in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid environment.


Business Security

Gigamon provides real-time threat detection and mitigation capabilities, helping you to prevent cyber-attacks, comply with industry regulations, and protect your sensitive data. This security feature provides the ability to identify and respond to threats quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your network is protected against the latest cyber threats. The security feature provides advanced threat detection, intrusion prevention, and malware analysis, giving you the confidence to know that your network is protected.