Video Conferencing

In personal and work life, video conferencing is becoming more common as face to face meetings are becoming harder to schedule. Businesses have to deal with different colleagues from the regional branch or partners globally. This is why many offices have dedicated meeting rooms for video conferencing purposes. With Poly solutions, you can be sure that your video conferencing needs for your business are met.  Below are a few things that Poly can help your business with:

Less cables, less Clutter

Only 2 components are needed to set-up, the video bar and touch controller.  This also means IT can have the room up and running in less than 2 minutes!

Intuitive and user friendly

No need to call for IT for help whenever you need to set up a video call, with one click of a button you can easily get started and have the same user experience as a desktop ran zoom session.

Smart Noise Blocking feature

Reduce what background noises are heard during your calls, only have your speakers be heard during calls to limit distractions during your discussions.

Image was provided by Freepik